Friday, January 8, 2016

Mostly I Write To Touch You

Mostly I write to touch you
Brush your lips with a smile
Stroll, like friends, the lanes of life
And linger there awhile

Poems are soul-mates, comrades
Stringing dull days with stars
Helping us to appreciate
How loved and blessed we are

Mostly I write to hold you
In a slow dance where sound
Of kindred whispers draws us and
We meet on common ground

Mostly I write to wonder
About you; how the will
Of words, though we have never met
Deems us acquainted still

So, mostly I write to touch you
Lest in time’s blur and fuss
Both you and I would overlook
The poetry of us

© Janet Martin


  1. Mostly you do that precisely...thanks..:)

    1. :) thanks deeply for the affirmation...because mostly I wonder;-)) hugs.

  2. "The poetry of us" Love this end to your poem about why you write.


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