Saturday, January 9, 2016

Life is a Stringing Together...

Life is no popularity contest
If it were, then oh, how vain it would be
Life is a stringing together of hands
To help each other be all we can be

It is no secret; we are all broken
Appearance, though it may strive to disguise
This sorry state cannot overcome it
Life is a stringing together of sighs

On this planet of people and purpose
We are an untidy band of hope-smiles
Stringing together all manner of us
Here in life’s stringing together of miles

If we could see its lavish labyrinth
Stringing together life’s laughter and tears
Up to the Hands of God, oh, then I think
We would be kinder to all of life’s years

Life is a stringing together of moments
Gray, gold, blue, every hue, tint and sheen
Life is a stringing together of hands
Hello, good-bye and its links in between

© Janet Martin

Last night we had some guests at our writer's meeting from a city quite far away,
but they came across our site, contacted the leader and asked if they could come.
"Of course, please"  she said and what a delightful time we had and now our stringing together of friendships will reach over the ocean to England.(the homeland of three of our members) One of our members is at school in the Netherlands. What a beautiful stringing together of lives over this small world, is the touch of Time.


  1. A wonderful, deep and reflective poem, Janet!
    Maybe this year brings about an e-book with your writings...?!
    So happy for you for the creative writing fellowship!
    Blessings to your week,

    1. Good morning, Nina:) I always look forward to your Sunday posts. They are my go-to reflection as I prepare for the rest of the day...I also am thankful for the fellowship of friends made possible through technology.

      Guess what! an e-book has never crossed my mind, likely because I'm not very techy but this is something to look into!! thank-you for the idea.

      I wish you a wonder-full week as well!


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