Saturday, January 2, 2016

Laughing With the Laughing Morning

Day Two of 2016

Morning slides down heaven’s banister
Laughs like a carefree boy
Shakes a pillow until the sky
Is filled with feathered joy

It is winter in the country
Its sweeping solitude
Is blanketed in folds of white
Delight, earth’s-song subdued

…save for the sigh in the pine tree
Save for the lone wind’s cry
Save for the far-off murmur of
Time trickling from the sky

Something tickles yonder tresses
New day wiggles its toes
Never cold to the caresses
That tick and tock bestows

Morning slides down heaven’s banister
Lands in a laughing heap
At the feet of us kicking back the cloth
Of fluffy folds of sleep

© Janet Martin

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