Thursday, January 28, 2016

Humble-Pie, Anyone?

When I slip-stumble and my not-so-humble side is vexed
When plans I made are rearranged and My Loud Word is spurned
Then I concede when all is said and done, that it was best
Not because it was pleasant but because of what I learned

Life’s teacher is a creature of wise and surprising ways
How is it, my embarrassment will often teach me more
Than perches upon pedestals while kind applauders praise
And we forget what manner of person we really are

…for in the slip and stumble when our not-so-humble side
Confronts us for The Thing It Is we blush as we admit
That in spite of denying it, we are creatures of pride
Then sometimes Life’s Teacher steps in and sets us down a bit

© Janet Martin

Last night at our Study on Grace a few of us shared incidences when our 'righteous indignation' after it was spent, proved that we were the one who needed to apologize and ask to be forgiven.
Ouch with a blush-red piece of humble-pie;-)
It tastes so bad but works so well!
Still, I've never heard anyone ask for seconds...

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