Monday, January 18, 2016

Heaven's losing feathers!

Buses cancelled far and wide as we thank our wonderful Great Lakes for their winter-gift...snow-days!

Earth is a feather-bed bedecked in heavens eiderdown
Gone is its lumpy mattress, bare threaded, bedraggled brown
Now city, town and countryside with seamless sweep are wed
Beneath heaven’s eiderdown throw earth is a feather-bed

Time is a thing of feathers twirling, swirling, soundless, soft
It gathers beneath heaven’s wing, sky-scraper, street and croft
Where boulevard, bluff and backyard are swathed in winter’s gown
Soundless and soft, time is a thing of feathers falling down

Home is a happy haven warmed by more than flaming hearth
Where smiles and laughter deem its humble hold heaven on earth
Hot soup is like a feast fit for finest of lord or king
Where ‘round the flaming hearth we gather in earth’s heaven-wing

© Janet Martin


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