Thursday, January 7, 2016

Going My Way?

This card was sent to my grandmother (who passed away 34 yrs. ago)  when she was young...

For centuries fathers and mothers
Have waved good-bye to sons and daughters
And wound heartstrings around the world

For centuries work, worry and wonder
Have worn us clean through
Only to bid us come-hither and do it all again

For centuries life’s nickel-and-diming
Appointments grin in our climbing toward
Penniless paupers in the grave

For centuries time has tricked us
Into thinking what we knew was new
Until we learned; nothing is new after all

For centuries the tree limb buds
Blooms, bears and breaks while we make
Wind-song memories and apple-cakes

For centuries we build up and tear down
While calendar pages scatter like
Tatters from a vintage gown

© Janet Martin

Already...a week of 2016 in the books!

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