Sunday, January 3, 2016

Fellow-travelers Are day 3 of 2016

Up this ladder through the skies
My, Time's string of hours flies
Like a high-rise of good-byes
Poured in morn’s hello
Pressing hard against the soft
Interplay of sighs that waft
Where soon noon, now poised aloft
Strews the dust below

Who of us has borne this day?
Who can tell its come-what-may?
Who is fit to sneer at they
Clinging to its rung?
Do we not all need the gold
Of a helping hand to hold?
My, the winds of change blow cold
Where Time’s course is hung

…like a ladder from the sky
Where the feet of you and I
Often slip, but then we try
And try and try again
Fellow-travelers are we
Surely then we ought to be
Sympathetic to the plea
Of our fellow-men

© Janet Martin

 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up...1 Thess.5:11


  1. Such an encouraging poem ... Yes, we keep on going, thanks to our fellowmen what are by our side, when the going gets heavy or our strength is small!
    Thank you Janet!
    And Happy & Blessed 2016!


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