Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Essence of Existence

Break of new day, heavy with gray of rain
Dapples Duty's terrain as dark subsides
And hills spill over with time’s youngest tides
They wash across the world toward the drain

…that gapes, even as newness drapes the old
And shapes from yester-fancying Today
Already its mad rush of gray on gray
Eddies and swirls into the steady hold

…of moments lent and spent, a synchronous
Exchange that none can fully feel or grasp
This Essence of Existence girds each gasp
Where life’s verge merges with death’s impetus

…and splurge of gray surges to biding blue
We, hope-and-dreaming pioneers embark
On its current of daylight growing dark
Like sailors ever caught twixt old and new

© Janet Martin

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