Friday, January 1, 2016

Dear 2016

Your days a-wait beyond a gate we cannot trace with eyes
Nor spell what scenes convene where now we guess with hopeful sighs
At melodies and memories that waft soft on the air
Not rendered yet; dear year ahead, I pray we tread with care
…this unblemished appointing that you lay beneath our feet
Like midnight snow anointing earth with fresh and unmarred street

Your uprightness and downrightness and forthwithness abides
Hinged to what none can change you spill Time’s will in virgin tides
Dear year, I pray we treat each day like a prize, rare and fine
Before it melts like midnight snow in morning-gold sunshine
And when the tide goes out, as we ponder its garnered days
Pray what we see will be a testament of humble praise

…to He who sifts and grants through grace-scarred hands these centuries
Who breathes upon the bud and breaks to bloom cupped mysteries
Who tends what He kind-lends; dear year, I pray your aftermath
Will be within our memory, a smile; a precious path
In thought’s embrace and as we trace the echoes that remain
Pray, as your tide recedes we did not live your days in vain

© Janet Martin

Last night we watched the year come in at my brother Dave's house 
These celebrations often include music because we are a family of listen-to-the-words music lovers and he told me he thinks I will love this song and I do,
and oh, I love the singer too. What a voice!
This is a good song to begin the new year and remind us that life is a river...Lets cherish each twinkle on its tide...


  1. Beautiful! Let me guess you've googled every Derek Ryan song, and are in love? Ditto..:)
    Listening to Hold On to Your Hat..
    Happy New Year!

  2. What???!! I missed that one! Love God's Plan and A Mother's Son!

    Happy New Year.

    1. ...also Irish Heart and I Won't Let Go:) also all the rest of 'em ;-))


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