Monday, January 25, 2016

Come, Climb, Dance or Fly a Poem

Come with me, dare to taste the yen of poetry, for oh
The heart can traverse fathoms where a foot will never go
Come, let its letters fuel what fetters of stringent law
Can never render; wonder, the accomplishment of awe

The foot for all its purpose practices pure principle
Of backward, forward, upward, onward walk-run-dance-stumble
The heart, oh but the heart can fly on syllables where ink
Turns letters into pictures and gray day to raving pink

Come with me then and step across cold thresholds steeped in fact
Climb past these elemental vestibules to worlds intact
Where lyric, lilt and rhyme render splendor with tender verse
And do not think too hard, for bards are exempt from Law’s curse

Kick off your wooden shoes, slip into gossamer and silk
Then climb the vine that leads to lands that flow with honeyed milk
And do not be afraid to dance, or at the least to try
For in the arms of poetry to fall is but to fly

© Janet Martin

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