Tuesday, January 5, 2016

By a Blue Upsy-daisy Breeze

For a moment dawn cradled the sun
In the crook of a leafless limb
Then, without pause it began
Its faithful, age-old climb
Over the little reach of tall trees
Propelled into the sky
By a blue upsy-daisy breeze
Teasing earth’s wistful eye

For a moment we think we are young
Cradled in the luxury
Of thinking that Time is long
But then we begin to see
How soon youth is propelled
By an upsy-daisy breeze
Into that blue and yellow place
Of ageless memories

For a moment perhaps we might dare
To be a beggar for days
Gone by; before the new-born air
Reminds us of time’s ways
And how soon every noon is propelled
By a blue upsy-daisy breeze
Into a fond, forever farewell
And fresh-framed memories

© Janet Martin

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