Wednesday, January 6, 2016

But For The Beauty

Life’s disappointments would break us
Strip our laughter away
But for the beauty of morning
Bringing with it, brand new day

Sorrow would be too heavy
Winter would be too long
But for the beauty of knowing
Spring waits in earth full of song

Love would be nothing but longing
Hope but a dim-lit ray
But for the beauty of God’s grace
Washing our guilt away

Dreary would be life’s struggle
Doleful, this soul-spun bark
But for the beauty of God’s love
Lighting the darkest dark

How cursed, would be our hunger
How resolute our doom
But for the beauty of Heaven
Glimpsed in new morning’s first bloom

© Janet Martin


  1. Happy New Year Janet! This morning's dawn was so pretty here with soft blues and pinks. Your poem is perfect for today. Blessings, Pam

    1. This time of year we have a front row seat to some spectacular sunrises. this morning was another beaut!

      Happy New Year to you too!


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