Thursday, January 28, 2016

Before the Induction

This morsel of being wide-eyed for a while
With wonder of beauty and purpose of life
Labors through our bearings in fear and delight
While carving a path for those who come behind
Like Modern-day pioneers we find our place
Settling midst the mayhem of human race
To find here a neighbor and win there a friend
While we with life’s laughter and sorrow contend

As leader and follower onward we climb
Both student and teacher in the School of Time
Blessed by a grace we cannot take credit for
This morsel of being woos us to a Door
From which there is no turning back; only this
A long compensation for that which now is
...a morsel of being wide-eyed for a bit
Before the induction to the sum of it

© Janet Martin

What are we leaving behind for those who follow?

My memories of a man whose funeral visitation I am attending today, are of a kind, patient husband in the garden with his wife. who, crippled at a young age by a disease, leaned on her cane as they weeded their vegetables...


  1. He's been wooing me to leave more footprints through my words of late. Your post reminds me not to leave it for another day... and another... and another. Thank you.

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

    1. Thank-you...and your words encourage me!
      I'm battling demons lately that are telling me to 'quit writing, to just give it up because what's the point' and all that...anyone who take writing seriously knows what I mean :) pen-seasons...sometimes it's bitter-cold!


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