Thursday, January 21, 2016

At the Mercy of Grace

I couldn't help but think of the verse  about the faith of a child when I read Ann's post yesterday...
No one knows what a life, a day, an hour will bring but this we know; God will never leave us!

Dawn tolls Time’s bell; we cannot tell what lies beyond the scrim
That veils all but the here and now as God draws man to Him
How will He choose to use what none can refuse? Mercy’s hand
Granting for our greater good what we don't understand

Here, in life’s common care we bear witness to triumph’s base
Our brokenness, the equalizer in man’s need for grace
For who of us can wash the guilt of mortal sin away?
God’s grace is like a fresh snowfall over earth’s dull brown-gray

It trembles in the break of day as He anoints time's scars
With newness; oh to count the ways of grace is to count stars
He blesses us and keeps us no matter what fools may think
His common grace and love sends sun and rain, melts night with pink

Then, whatsoever Time betides, His promises assure
That He is always at our side; God’s children are secure
And will endure the race His grace appoints with break of day
Fear finds no foothold where faith finds God’s hand to lead the way

© Janet Martin

The story behind the song Amazing Grace


For some this day of grace is filled with laughter and dreams, 
for others sorrow and the surrender of loved ones back to God.
One funeral today is for a seven-year-old boy,
another for a beloved daddy

Will you join in praying for God's comfort to loved ones who remain?

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