Friday, January 8, 2016

A Tip 'o the Hat to Old Man Winter

It's Jan. 8th and in these parts we have not touched a shovel or snow-blower this winter!
(discounting those who needed them for a day at the end of Nov. ;)
Next week it sounds like Old Man Winter is going to try to change that, so enjoy!

He’s trying to muster a bluster
Out of his house in the sky
But someone keeps tickling his chinny-chin-chin
And all he can grin is oh, my!

He’s trying to hurry a flurry
Out of his house of snow
But someone keeps pushing his front door shut
And all he can grunt is oh, no!

He’s trying to feather the weather
Into a big, bluffing sea
But someone keeps rearranging the sky
And all he can sigh is oh, me!

© Janet Martin


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