Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Life Full of Reasons...

Wiggle each finger
Count all your toes
Be sure to remember
Eyes, ears, mouth and nose
A tongue for talking
And tasting too,
A back that won’t break
When you tie your shoes
Tickly tummy,
Bendy elbows and knees
Then don’t forget
To thank God for these

Consider the lilies
How perfect each cup
Feel the breeze teasing
Your face tilted up
Marvel at oceans
Cupped softly aloft
In heaven’s blue eons
Where galaxies waft
Touch, taste, treasure
And don’t forget
To thank God always
For all of it

Laughter; what music
And sorrow, what proof
Of having been gifted
With life’s best; true love
Oh my, awesome tally
Oh my, the heart sings
As we count the blessings
Of everyday things
Turn this way, then that
Tell me, what do you see?
Is it a life full of reasons
To live thankfully?

© Janet Martin

This past year in my Sunday School Class we did an 'A Thousand Gifts' challenge,
In no time at all a class of less than ten had over two thousand named 'gifts'. 
Can we count each finger ? they asked
There is nothing too small to be counted, we all agreed...

Today Ann reminds us, 'what's hard brings us together' so even then
there it is;  reasons to be grateful!

 We only enter into the full life -- into sozo --- if our faith gives thanks.
Ann Voskamp

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