Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Say It!

Say it!
For who knows?
It may be just the nudge to keep
A comrade on her toes
Say it
Perhaps this word-hug
Will turn heartache into hope
No, no, don’t keep within yourself
What helps another cope
Say it!
That kind, caring thought
Don’t let it die unheard
For much of who we are depends
On someone’s kind, kind word

© Janet Martin

...too often I say what I shouldn't and don't say what I should!


  1. Bleeding hearts - perfect flower to illustrate reminder of kind words. Plus a visual reminder of my grandmas, who dished out some of the best hugs - with some strong, caring words!

  2. Don't flowers feel like kind, heaven-sent words?:) Thank-you for kind 'hugs'!

  3. I just told my husband I loved him, he smiled.
    Very thoughtful poem and well meaning words....thank you.

  4. Perfect:) I just told my 13 yr. old daughter I love her and she looked at me in bewilderment and asked 'why'?! She expects me to say I love her with good-night hugs, I guess:). I think I need to say it more 'out of the blue'.


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