Thursday, February 14, 2013

Where the Rubber Meets the Road


They don't complain
Supper on red
Chocolate relished
As they discussed life
and everything we've never done
They didn't see my heart
Lying on the table

There is an ocean secured
by dikes of flesh and prayer
Because only God knows
the truth
of quiet sorrows
that we bear

While love works so very hard
to put our food on the table
And we all know
does the best
it is able 

...half-way across the country
eighteen wheels and love
turn toward 'trying to be home
by noon'
on Saturday

Janet Martin

I like this song because I can relate to these words so well.
'it's not fancy but it works'

Matt got a huge chuckle out of 'granola hearts'. He knows his mom is an oatmeal junkie:) ...and he beat me to 'I love you' when he saw the chocolate suckers, knowing it would 'win' him did.


  1. ooh...your heart lying on the table...(hugs)...and congrats on the upcoming 25!!!

  2. Thank-you...on both counts:)

    They really were not complaining, just 'comparing' I guess, what we don't do that others have done. When trucker-hubby hits the house for one day I simply don't have the heart to ask him to drive very far...but at that moment as I heard them rationalizing I'm sure I heard my heart spill all over the red table-cloth in love and all its tangled threads. Thank-you for the hug. It means a lot.<3


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