Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Sometimes a vast, vexatious void
Torments the foibles of our thought
Not with life’s precious proofs of joy
But with the tears of what is not

The vaunt of what is not can drain
The laughter from life’s cup we hold
And what we have we hold in vain
If we ignore its splash of gold

For what is not may never be
And what fills our cup today
Does not come with a guarantee
That it will never slip away

So, when that vast, vexatious vaunt
Threatens to drive us to despair
We ought to fold its tortured taunt
Between our fingers in a prayer

© Janet Martin

Yesterday, was Family Day in Ontario. A provincial holiday for families to focus on spending time together. We had a great day, minus 'daddy' who needed to leave so he could be back for plans next week-end. I needed to keep re-filling my 'cup' with reminders of what we have, and not what is not...folding the rest between my fingers.

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