Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Unrivaled Beauty

I know nothing
Of those things they write
Of Boston or Venice
But oh, I have known
The same sky-night
Warm to a mid-summer
And I’ve known the same sun
Spill its gold
Into the hollow
Of last remnant snow
Or danced with the zephyr
That tosses the sea
Rich with the pigment
Of eve’s garnet glow

And I’ve known the same thrill
Of wonder-drenched hurt
As those who have traveled
Earth’s most-lauded shores
Extolling grand visions
Of turquoise-green surf
Of white sandy beach
And reef-studded sea-floors
For I’ve seen the smile
Of a little porch light
Reaching to me
Through dusk’s blue-shadow dome
And I’ve borne the rush
Of joy’s perfect delight
In the unrivaled beauty
Of coming home

© Janet Martin

I'm also discovering it's kindred beauty...two gold circles through blowing snow as I watch at the window
for loved ones to come home.


Thank you for your visit to this porch. Any thoughts you would like to share?