Saturday, February 16, 2013

Unquenchable Fulfillment


How well the thought of you fits into me
To afflict and caress; love’s sweet alloy
For though it bears all things, its harmony
Is surely the climax of grief and joy

The superficial want of kings and things
The dissonance of mortal have-and-hold
Swarms, ravaging the barracks deep within
Yet cannot dismantle love’s tender hold

Its equilibrium, a mystery
Though fiends may howl and daring tempests scream
They cannot wrench the thought of you from me
Or mute the melody of love’s requiem

For oh, how perfectly the thought of you
Melts into every space that want would drench
If not for pigments of unfathomed blue
Sweeping a shore that oceans cannot quench


  1. You are simply AMAZING , Janet. You sure make the ordinaries beautiful ; and the beautiful, sublime !


  2. ...and you know how to make a simple word-spinner's day.


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