Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The In-betweens

Darling, when I am missing you
And there is nothing I can do
To push the minutes from the hour
Or rush the bud to spill its flow’r
Or pluck from far cloud-studded sea
The wonderment of what will be
Then darling, I embrace the sheen
Of moments in the in-between

Moments and hours disappear
How soon they shape another year
The echo of its memories
Soft ripples on thought’s phantom seas
I kiss your whisper in the air
Climbing time’s ephemeral stair
To what will be from what has been
Riveting these hours in between

And in this in between I know
That soon its transient scene, like snow
Will melt into the distant blue
So darling, when I’m missing you
I do not haste the brooding clock
Or chase life’s moments down the walk
But tenderly embrace the keen
And fleeting space of  'in between'

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh my... what a beautiful piece, Janet! I feel the yearning and the hope.

    I love this line..."I embrace the sheen of moments in the in-between."

    How oft do we long for the passing of
    time in those hard places... and yet we can rest in them, as hard as they are, knowing they do not speak the end of the story, but a pause between.

    Thank you! It's been a lovely time in my day to be here for a few minutes.


  2. Brenda, How I appreciate your words of wisdom and experience...Yes, I wrote this as a person but it can be so many things...stages that have to be lived and learned:)in between their beginning and end.

    thank-you for stopping on my porch today:) by the way, I like your new picture!

  3. So, so beautiful, Janet. Love your words. And photographs.

  4. Hi Sasha:) I was thinking about you this morning...wondering if your book is almost done!

    Thank-you for your visit on my porch today.

  5. I love the unabashed nature of this, just beautiful.

  6. Oh that book of mine... It is taking me so much longer than I expected. And it's only the first draft. I'm not giving up though. I've written a chapter today, so I'm quite pleased :-)

  7. Good for you! I really mean must take huge discipline to devote time to something like that on top of everything else you do.

  8. Thank you very much for the encouragement, Janet!

  9. :0 You're welcome. Can't wait to buy one! (no pressure:)


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