Friday, February 15, 2013

The ABC's of Life

If we have taught them how to be
Astronauts or
Bridge-builders or
Composers or
Doctors or
Engineers or
Farmers or
Governors or
Home-makers or
Intellects or
Judges or
Kings or
Landscapers or
Mothers or
Nurses or
Optometrists or
Presidents or
Queens or
Receptionists or
Scientists or
Teachers or
Undertakers or
Veterinarians or
Writers or
X-ray technicians or
Yoga instructors or
…without first teaching the love of God
We have failed.

© Janet Martin

The devotion I read this morning reminded us how important it is that we, as parents reflect the love of God.


  1. Your poem is so true. God doesn't sent us all off to be missionaries but uses most of us in whatever walk of life we choose, so it is important that we learn early that He is what makes all else worthwhile. I enjoyed this lovely poem.

  2. Hi Debi, thank-you so much for the thoughts you shared. It is so important, isn't it, to be used wherever we are!


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