Thursday, February 7, 2013


You glower; a gray-blue moody glare
And I reciprocate your stare
The skyline fades between our touch
A dance of glances, thoughts and such

An aura of intimacy
Of passion’s vulnerability
Trembles, taunting mind-citadel  
In all those wants you do not tell

You pause; are you a friend or foe?
Your inclinations ebb and flow
Longing and hunger plead and moan
A starving warrior coming home

No hint of your intention bleeds
In mention of your nameless needs
The night is cold, the fireside warm
I sense the prelude to a storm

© Janet Martin

Right now all is calm, but we are under a storm-watch;))



  1. Oh so good!

    Hope you're well stocked. :)

  2. I am picking up some kindling, then I will feel prepared. Can't let that fire go out!;))


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