Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Queen

Pastel silk scarves
Dangle somewhere
In dressing-rooms aloft
I wonder,
Does she pine to wear
Its ribbons, smooth and soft?

Her frozen crystal-
Gilded sash
Presses against her skin
It seems that she
Cannot unveil
Her colors sealed within

She cannot choose
A petal-gown
Of lavender and green
For now she bears
The weighted crown
Reserved for her; Snow Queen

© Janet Martin

Buses are cancelled. It looks as though we are going to attempt doughnut-making today. I promised Matthew and Victoria that on the next snow-day we will make home-made donuts. Matthew was astonished one day last week when I told him it is possible to make donuts. He wants to see how it works, so wish us luck. I have not deep-fried dough in years!


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