Friday, February 1, 2013

Pondering Love


Or the lack thereof
Touches everything
We think
Or say
Or do
Or see
To find it
We must give it
Love loves
And never stops to tally
Its suffering
Or its cost
And only when we
Please ourselves
Is its wonder lost

© Janet Martin

Love is not a season
but each February
for a little while
We seem to find good reason
To ponder its grand wonder
And smile

It’s that time of year; pondering love.
 Each February I attempt to ponder its wonder. This will be the focus of the next few weeks if mind and Muse co-operate. Tell someone you love them today...and why they are special to you! Don't wait. Tomorrow may be too late. I just told Victoria I love her. I love that she NEVER grumbles and I love how her smile lights up the room. So she says 'look, Mom, and flashes a grin, simultaneously hitting the light switch'. :) Yes, I love her silliness too.

May you have a love-ly day.


  1. That little story is "love" embodied. It's the simple moments, magical times, and secret glances that become the 4 letter word. It's the most complicated, and yet the simplest concept in our lives.

    Loving your poetic gift.....

  2. 'It's the most complicated, and yet the simplest concept in our lives'.

    Yes! That is it exactly. And I agree, its the smallest moments of wonder that leaves one breathless, speechless. I appreciate your thoughts and encouragement today. Thank-you.


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