Friday, February 8, 2013

Only Love

What conquers evil, quenches hate?
What pales infinity above,
Beneath us, all around
Only one thing
Only love

What fights and wins with tenderness
And never fails in spite of us?
What exceeds thoughts circumference?
Only one thing
Only love

What is this thing of blood and dirt?
Unglamorous, its splattered glove
Yet yields a precious, perfect hurt?
Only one thing,
Only love

What fills lust’s futile wantonness
With promises of pain and grief?
What melts the cold and calloused heart
Dissolving chains of unbelief?

What is this thing whereby we die
Suffering its cross to prove
We cannot ever fully live
Without it; one thing
Only love

© Janet Martin

 What spurs the gardener to prune the rose
Or the farmer to till his field?
Love bears the pain because it shows
Not then, but in the yield

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  1. Thanks for the visit Janet - love poems are the best.

    Glory to God indeed!


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