Monday, February 25, 2013

On Life, Legacies , Writing and Reckoning

The chapters that by day we write
Are soon over-taken by night
Against the crimson of the west
Its toil and spoil is laid to rest
Yet in the cascade of an hour
We plant the seed of weed or flower

The by and by of which we speak
Brushes its kiss upon our cheek
Perceptions of its distant day
Hover, a soft half-breath away
Where choice and freedom bears its yield
As fruits of our loves are revealed

Beneath the discourse of the sun
Another little day is done
Its ebb and flowing melody
Draws us toward eternity
And we do well to keep in mind
The legacy we leave behind

The fulcrum of this little life
Though riddled now with blood-shed strife
Leads us into unfathomed deeps
Where this ephemeral body sleeps
The soul is not restrained by sod
But journeys on to meet with God

© Janet Martin

While we were admiring the sunset, the traffic suddenly came to an abrupt halt! we realized how swiftly one can be here, then gone through the sunset to the Great Beyond. Thankfully, there were no bent bumpers and everyone was wearing their seat-belts.

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