Thursday, February 14, 2013

Of Pondering and Pinnacles...a Love Sonnet


Soundless, night sweeps its sable sea across
Blue winter dusk, and the world disappears
Beneath its wave; this day of toil and dross
Slips to the ocean of life’s rendered years
I strain to grasp its cadence on the breeze
Years taste like salt; their tears stinging my cheek
Or, is it the caress of memories
Telling those tender thoughts I cannot speak
Of love and longing, where its swan-song falls
In rippled echoes from the vaulted deep
Tripping through retrospect’s unguarded halls
Like vagabonds with no desire to sleep
They beckon and I yield to the romance
Of blue-bell burnished zephyrs and we dance

The night is warm; beneath its purple mist
The surging swell of ticking clocks subsides
There are no moments; time does not exist
Where we retrace the echo of its tides
I feel your whisper, soft against my face
The melody of moonlight gently spills
Against the shadow of thought’s keen embrace
Somewhere a dam breaks, disregarding wills
And while the lab’rer rests and dreamers dream
While winter prowls and howls outside their doors
We sail the crest of wild, uncharted streams
Marauders swept onto deserted shores
And on the banks of time’s unfettered bliss
Here we recall and touch those things we miss

Love does not fall away like tears and years
Or petals from the polestar of the rose
Its does not drift to nameless atmospheres
Dissolving in the breadth of moment-flows
We contemplate but cannot quantify
Its measurements of rhapsody and grief
Of passion-surges curtailing the sky
Or pain in swift, staggering disbelief
The dance of retrospect does not impart
One half without the other, smile and tear
Composes love-songs cradled in the heart
In canticles that only thought can hear
I hold you close but oh, I’ve come to know
Love’s pinnacle is in the letting go

© Janet Martin

Happy Valentine's Day
May it be love-ly in every way OXOX

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