Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Of Love's Kind Learning and Kaleidescopes


Oh my love, it seems we cannot
Return to starry-eyed youth
Or exchange for bliss of ignorance
Wisdom’s un-embellished truth

Oh my love, now we are older
And the thing that we have learned
Is merely this; quadrille of nature’s
Seasons past can’t be returned

And the moment we are holding
Even now slips to Time’s crypt
As we hear our voices pondering
When and how these decades slipped

Oh my love, we journey forward
What is past is nothing now
But the shards of love's kind learning
Etched into its afterglow

…where scattered tumbles, triumphs, stumbles
Pattern; a kaleidoscope
Within our thought, its gilded shadows
Images of hurt and hope

Oh my love, humbly we gather
From the chaff strewn at our feet
The pearl of wisdom we have garnered
In love’s learning; bitter-sweet

© Janet Martin

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