Monday, February 4, 2013

Of Love and Justice

God’s love beheld our hopeless state
Mankind born into sin
God’s justice knew the blood of rams
God’s love offered His only Son
To die in our place
As we are saved by grace

God’s Son did not come to this world
But Love and Justice gave Himself
To purchase our salvation
So Love offered a way
For every sinner to be clean
On that Great Judgment Day

God’s love beholds our hopeless state
Sin’s vile and curs-ed seed
But once for all He paid its price
As He died in our stead
God’s justice binds our debt of guilt
As we cry, I believe
God’s love beholds His Son’s blood spilt
As we His Gift receive

While man beheld His suffering
As Jesus bled and died
To sinners justified
And while men jeered in victory
Of Jesus crucified
God's love beheld Hope's finished work
Justice was satisfied

© Janet Martin

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