Monday, February 11, 2013

Of February's Rainy Monday Morning and Mothers

Brittle fray of yesterday
Scuttles over frozen park
Where the daylight barely breathing
Murmurs morning to the dark
Music of a Monday dawning
Drips from awnings in the sky
As the moment-maestro’s baton
Mutes night's languid lullaby

Hope and heart-ache's nameless prelude
Spills half-breaths into the snow
Tempo of time’s smooth percussion
Alabaster-onyx flow
Slipping winter over autumn
Slipping manhood on a boy
And in the melody of moments
Slips the innocence from joy

Hold still, hold still, my little morning
Ah, you do not heed my plea
Already I can see the outline
Of the winter willow-tree
Stark skeleton etched in the weeping
Of a moody Monday morn
Where the moments push between us
Falling in a song forlorn

© Janet Martin

Buses are cancelled today due to freezing rain this morning...its a drippy, dreary Monday. I think we need to bake heart-cookies:) to 'spice' up the day.

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