Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mercy-song...a Rubáiyát

Poetic Bloomings invites us to attempt  The Rubáiyát

The music of life’s fervent flow
Is bittersweet; now swift, now slow
The rise and fall of centuries
Surging, to melt like streams of snow

Hail, moment-tear, why do you rush
To tune the sphere of midnight’s hush?
I pause to hear your subtle sigh
Sparkle on daybreak’s dew-drenched brush

The virgin gleam of morning-spire
Throbs, a requiem of new desire
Replenishing our flagging vim
In cadences from heaven’s choir

Ah, agony of moment-mirth
Of shadows spilling on dusk’s girth
Where soon the dawn provokes the dark
And splashes grace across the earth

We lift our cups up, brave and high
To taste life’s honey from the sky
For soon its dripping melody
Will sweep in languid lullaby

The music of life’s second chance
Inspires us to dream and dance
Forsaking yesterday’s lament
To revel in hope’s moment-glance

Mercy and grace do not keep score
Kissing our failures through Time’s door
They tune their harps with renewed zest
And beckon us to sing once more

© Janet Martin


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