Thursday, February 28, 2013

Making Doughnuts and Memories

I wonder, he says
As he dangles the dough
Heavily in the air
Letting it land ungracefully
Like a selfish prayer,
I wonder if I promised to give him
Pizza for life,
For free
If Dad would allow me to be a baker
Instead of what I was going to be

…and I turn to gaze at this not-quite-a-man child
With a sudden wave of yearning
Life lies before him, a wide-open field
Ripe with lure of learning
Smiling and coaxing the dreamer to dream
Merrily splashing in life’s endless stream
Not yet restrained by the tempered truth
That experience withholds from tender youth

I turn off the doom-and-gloom news story
Saying, ‘son, you can be anything you want to be’

© Janet Martin

I told Emily that I'm trying to see the beauty of dough floating on grease...the pay-off was in the moans and sighs of bliss as they tasted the fruit of their of them said they didn't know anything could taste this good!:) Victoria reminded me that treats are those things you don't do very often...that's what makes it a treat!

Doughnut Recipe


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