Monday, February 4, 2013 edited re-post

Love; such a heavy load to carry
We should give it away

Love; a pair of well-worn shoes
Because second miles can be unpredictably long

Love; a beautiful picture
But so unlike anything we visualized

Love; we give it as a gift
Never reminding the recipient of the cost

Love; refined by fire
Treasure the melting-pot

Love; a race with no earthly finish-line
Quitting is not an option

Love; never a vicious weapon
But a faithful shield

Love; patient and kind
A glimpse of God revealed

Love; the proof of God
In us

Love; in its suffering
It grows more beautiful

Love; the wonderful wonder
Of increase as we give

Love; it never steals
Cannot be stolen

Love; the epitome of ‘laying down self’
So we may stand tall
Love; because it is God
Never fails

© Janet Martin


  1. A truly wonderful poem!Love the way you describe the long suffering and kindness and how love cannot steal or be stolen. Really nice

  2. This is beautiful Janet. You've done it eloquently described True Love. Have you heard Chris Tomlin's version of 'No Turning Back'? I've been listening to it on the White Flag album and you often come to mind when I hear it. Your witness shines like a beacon in the blogosphere!

    Here's a link to it if interested:


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