Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's a Beautiful Life

The ebbing and flowing of night-morning brings
Mistrals of change wielding Time’s subtle knife
Carving the familiar with new-normal things
But still, it’s a beautiful life

Heart-fringes grow ragged, tenderly tuned
To ripples disguised in life’s surface-borne strife
Keening awareness of moment-drops spooned
Into the cup of a beautiful life

Babies reach, rush to an unformed allure
Soon son or daughter becomes husband, wife
Discovering in time love’s fierce tug-of-war
Shaping this beautiful life

Spring, summer, autumn to winter once more
Moments spill potent and ruthless and rife
Life-song of heart-throbs bleeding on vague shores
Silver-soft echo of a beautiful life

The rising and falling of Time’s gavel brings
Heart-wrenching changes beneath its grim knife
But still in the discourse of its sufferings
Oh, it’s a beautiful life

© Janet Martin

 Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it. Prov. 12:25

Let's cover this day
Layer over layer
With the rarest refrains ever heard
Let's spill on its gray
The tender-sweet showers
Of beautiful, kind, loving words

On some days we need to look a little harder, but its there; The Beauty.

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