Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Love You Too

(my own version of Tom's song:)

I love
Little girls in spring
Burnished brooks that sing
Laughter of rain
And grain
I love
Weather-dappled glass
Carpets made of grass
Cloud-ships overhead
And bread
And I love you too

I love
Coffee-flavored dawns
Children-trampled lawns
Daddy’s stubble-chin
And grins
I love
Teen-agers that blush
Midnight’s velvet hush
Weathered rocking-chairs
And pears
And I love you too

I love
Butter-flies and bugs
The joy of dinner-time
And rhymes
I love
Sunsets, little boys
Quiet after noise
Autumn-painted trees
And cheese
And I love you too

I love
Sunday morning calm
Snowflakes on my palm
Whispers soft as silk
And milk
I love
God’s amazing grace
Sea-breeze on my face
Bicycles and blooms
And brooms
And I love you too

© Janet Martin

…and I love that one could write a hundred verses to this song.


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