Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Friend or Foe

If you look to pin-point my faults and flaws
You will find quite a few, I fear
But if you are looking my way because
You want a friend, I am here


The critical eye is greedy and cruel
Preying on weakness and dirt
He fills his plate with envy and hate
And a scoop of gossip for dessert


Love knows we are not perfect
Yet is willing to suffer a bit
To get to the flower, it suffers our thorns
And love’s us in spite of it


Life has a myriad of things it will send
But none takes the place of a really good friend


A really good friend is life’s most cherished gift   
When burdens grow heavy friends give us a lift
They know without asking what they need to do
Life’s burdens are lighter when carried by two


I do not ask for wealth of gold
But simply this, a hand to hold
And when I come to this life’s end
I’d like to know I was a friend

© Janet Martin


  1. No need to wait to life's end; you are a friend to me. :)

  2. TUG, thank-you. I appreciate your friendship too:)


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