Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Night Storm

He is not playful tonight; darkness reels
His venom pelts fiercely, glazing windowpanes
The silver-tipped reed of full-moon appeal
Shudders beneath his tempestuous refrains
No corner is spared of his seething rage
Growling he ravages, savage and grim
Like a hungry beast released from his cage
He lunges, snarling at the stark, naked limb
Spilling his scathing ice-shard repertoire
Enhancing the comfort of kind, kindled fire

Fly, little bird, to your hole in the tree
Hop, little bunny to thickets and brush
We will not challenge his cold mutiny
Stripping the fell of its calm, full-moon hush
Rock-a-bye girlie and sleep little man
This cold scavenger cannot reach your cot
Pull up those covers as snug as you can
Dream of sand-castles and for-get-me-not
For somewhere beneath earth’s frozen facade
Trembles the surge of spring’s bloom-dappled sod

Then let him vent, howling outside the door
Splattering dregs of his fury, snow-spun
Though now they humor his bold, burlesque roar
Soon they will melt in the kiss of the sun
Rattle the sashes and whimpering trees
Spew frozen threats from your blue-puckered mouth
Oh, harbinger of fragrant, buxom breeze
You cannot conquer the streams from the south
Somewhere the bondage of spring’s petal-fray
Will softly unravel and nudge you away

© Janet Martin

The windows are glazed in his temperamental dally between snow and rain.
It will be snow by morning. I can sleep now:) I wrote this while I was waiting for my daughter to get home from work. She arrived, (midnight) very happy to be here, the roads are heavy with the snow that fell before the rain/snow mix. The fire crackles, the wood-pile is replenished, we are warm and have so much to be thankful for. I pray everyone is warm, safe and dry tonight.


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