Thursday, February 7, 2013

Double-edged Storm

On nights like tonight, when what was is not
When will does not thwart Wants’ vain, vexing guile
Then I succumb to your touch and I smile
A beggar for moments preserved in my thought

On nights like tonight its mutinous air
Cuts like the talons of a hungry beast
And there is no north, south, west or east
Beneath the hollow of thought’s sable stare

On nights like tonight, I cannot eclipse
The oceans that surge in the cup of my heart
Merging with waves that keen night-winds impart
In insolent kisses on thought’s vagrant lips

On nights like tonight as its rage is unfurled
An icy, white vengeance, a double-edged storm
I pull you against me; your whisper is warm
As thought against thought we wander the world

© Janet Martin


  1. I love the tightly knit thought and words of the opening stanza:
    "when what was is not
    When will does not thwart Wants"

    The pictures with their frosted focus add so much. Nice Janet.

  2. Thank-you TUG. Photography can inspire words, or is it words that inspires photography? Either way, they meld at times:) Thank-you for stopping by.


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