Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anew...Thoughts of a Mother


Stunned anew
By the staggering wonder
And boundless proportions of love
She could not relinquish them
But for the knowing
That Love intercedes from above

Awed anew
By the tenure of heart-strings
Tender, yet potent and strong
Binding the love
Of mother’s and children
Wherever life leads them along

Buoyed anew
By the breath of a whisper
Brushing the ache in her soul
Love reassures
With gentle reminder
That He is in faithful control

© Janet Martin

I cannot imagine the 'letting go' as mother's send their sons/daughters to war...just now as my daughter said, 'bye mom, I'm leaving for work now' the breath went out of me in sudden wonder-rush of love.

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