Monday, February 11, 2013

A Love Song to God


Who is a God like You? To pierce infinity
And breathe into its darkened void unnumbered galaxies
The eons of Your Arm mere mind cannot contain
Nor ever fully comprehend the fathoms of Your reign

Who is a God like You? Teacher of nature’s law
Of tempest wild and tender bloom; we gaze in stuttered awe
Your mercies manifold, our diligence demands
For who can dare to disregard the touch of nail-scarred hands

Who is a God like You? Becoming sacrifice  
Choosing to leave Your glorious throne to pay sin’s awful price
Your guiltless deity suffered wrath’s vilest ill
Perfection became ransom-blood to satisfy Love’s will

Who is a God like You? Delighting to erase
And blot out our transgression with the mercies of Your grace
No record do You keep of our guilt and shame
Oh God, no other God redeems or absolves our blame

Who is a God like You? That You should seek; approve
Our stumbling, fumbling offering transforming it with love
Oh, there is none like You; before Your mercy-seat
We bow in humble gratitude to wash a brother's feet

© Janet Martin

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