Friday, August 17, 2012


You leave no trace or footprint
No bloom is crushed in your wake
But I know you are here; I can feel it, my dear
In every breath I take

The dew-gilded dawn remains flawless
Its pristine slope bears no mark
But I feel near as you come to me, dear
Out of the thinning dark

Where do you come from and how, love?
Do you tiptoe, fly or leap?
I know you are here, for your whisper, my dear
Draws me from out of my sleep

But you leave no trace or footprint
Oh beautiful memory
I hold you my dear, in a smile and a tear
As softly you come to me

If you could see into my heart, love
Where memories wander and such
Then it would be clear, there is no spot, my dear
That your memory does not touch

© Janet Martin~

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