Friday, August 31, 2012

The Rush of Blue

Blue Moon...I took this photo tonight. It reminded me of April before the corn was planted)...thanks to some much needed rain at a crucial point the corn is looking okay through this area.

With hungry haste the moments chased
Another day to naught
Across the dell the shadows fell
Like you against my thought

The melody of wind-tossed tree
The rush of blue descending
Beneath the swoon of harvest moon
Lauded the daylight’s ending

The rush of blue in thoughts of you
And echoes clear; unbidden
Collaborate to resonate
In tempests wild and hidden

I cannot quell the raging swell
Of moment-melded power
Nor can I grasp its whispered gasp
As twilight steals the hour

Across the shore storm-waters pour
To dissipate asunder
Across the heart moments impart
A rush of wanton wonder

Beneath my skin somewhere within
A tender tumult urges
In rush of blue as thoughts of you
Across the heart-line surges


Poetic Bloomings invites us to try the triquatrain form.

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