Friday, August 31, 2012

The Beautiful Bittersweet

The wind reclines hazily on the blue hill
Autumn pines restlessly beyond the dark rill
Shadows sprawl languidly, laden with musk
While August scrawls farewell tears into the dusk
I ponder the fulcrum of time’s forward flow
Wondering what to cling to; what to let go

Summer’s retreating stirs corn-tassel seas
Daylight's depleting stirs soft memories
Passion and pleasure and pain coalesce
As gossamer measure dispels Augusts’ tress
Where whispers of umber and bronze-gilded brush
Serenade summer’s unrelenting rush

Tomorrow is a memory waiting to be born
Ripe opportunity wakens with the morn
Weep not for the flower that falls wilted; wasted
But savor the hour spilling to be tasted
What once was is over; what will be a-waits
Like an impatient lover beyond shuttered gates

Cherish each moment but then let it go
This is love’s tormenting triumph and woe
August relinquishes its final embrace
As September steps eagerly into its place
Bravely we reach while still waving so-long
This is love’s bittersweet, beautiful song

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful piece. Great capture of that beautiful and bittersweet shift from deep summer to the first taste of autumn. A lovely read.


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