Friday, August 17, 2012


Profusion of temporal blessing
From courtyards of indifference swell
But still, the night-breeze is caressing
The wild-flower that nods in the dell
And the bud, it blooms then withers
To plant spring’s rebirth in the sod
Where feet run hither and thither
Mindless of our subjection to God

Not one sheaf has mortal hand gathered
That grew by endowment of man
No cursing nor blessing nor flattery
Can coax from the sky sun or rain
The boasts of our gracious existence
Must ever and always be
To the power and glory of He who abides
In spite of our laxity

God, deliver us from the temptation
To pine for what we cannot see
Lest we fuel holy indignation
In our blind and covetous plea
Cricket-song fills the dark valley
Mercy fills clay pots and bowls
And eternal blessing fills the universe
With hope for our undying souls

© Janet Martin  

I included the bottom photo because it is that book that is re-reminding me how to live thankfully right where I am. Thank-you Ann.

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  1. Yes, definitely good to be satisfied with what we have and not wish for more.

    (If those are pictures you took of the dinner you were serving, I wanna come to dinner...yummmy!)


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