Thursday, August 23, 2012

Peaches on my Mind

Like the nectar of peach
Let it run from my chin
A smile on my taste buds
Sweet satisfaction
May I savor each morsel
And not waste one drip
Of this beautiful moment
On my fingertip


 Peach-coral dawn climbs into the blue
Mist-laden valleys don a silver-pink hue
Breath-taking mercy swings wide morning’s gate
Lessons of faith and forgiveness a-wait
Trust in the Lord, His love does not fail
Soon the dark night will again draw its veil
And dusk will descend in a peach-coral sea
One day nearer to eternity


I’m thinking the fruit
That hung within Eve’s reach
To tempt her so
Was a sun-warmed peach


 Soon the peach sweetness of summer will fade
I sense a dusky-blue gaze
Whispering in the willow-wind shade
Lingering in deep, late-day haze
Hints of departure rush to the shore
Of late summer’s less crowded beach
I sense the creaking of a door
Still somewhere beyond our reach
Summer will last a few hours more
I savor another peach

© Janet Martin

Yesterday was 'beach day'...
Today it is 'peach day'!
Tomorrow...who knows, but One!

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  1. Have fun!! I've been thinking about all of yours, may you not grow weary until the last ones canned:)


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