Monday, August 27, 2012

Of Imminent Departure

Press the curves of your ethereal body
closely to me; there is urgency
trembling beneath the sultry serenity
of imminent departure as we
put on our best brave faces
to preserve moments sealed in our hearts.

Climb over me, align the fire
in your tortured gaze with my heartbeat,
Quite suddenly your lips
blazing with passion and desire
suffocates the dreamer’s bliss
in the quiver of imminent departure

I must inhale the scent of you
in our last dance; heady musk
filling my veins; eyes of bachelor-button blue,
Your neck is warm, your breath sun-sweet intoxication
highlighting the agony of waiting
in the gathering dusk of imminent departure

A ball of crumpled wishes
lodges achingly in my throat
barring all the perfect words
that I would tell, before you go
across the pale blue hill; and so we stand
as I beg you to press closer

Seal your promise of return within my hand,
Not with summer's roses, for shortly
they too deck the sand in bleak shadow-breaths; oh, come closer
so I may hear; not the foot-fall of imminent departure
but the landing of your tear
upon my cheek, in this farewell hour 


Dear Summer,

Farewells are not forever, love
and if the grace of God above
extends Time's sands another year
then we shall meet again, my dear

Come darling, the sun-drenched ballroom floor is ours...

For some reason I feel like summer ends at the end of the kid's summer vacation instead of at the end of September.


  1. The reason is kids, probably :-) Summer's over, done. My son's telling everyone, "Summer was too quick!" I agree..

    Enjoyed your poem (two actually) very much.

  2. I agree with your son, it WAS too quick! When I was a kid I thought summer's were long,but that may have had something to do with the rows and rows of potatoes and corn that needed hoeing, weeding, husking...summer's were filled with a lot of hard work in a big farming family:) oh, sweet memories!

    Thank-you for your visit.

  3. Yuriy: Hard and painful this first departure is and stirring and sentimental this last dance is - but who knows what the changes all these will bring. Surely a new encounter, new dance, new day and a new season. But the memories are to be always good eventually.

  4. Yuriy, I LOVE your view-point "But the memories are to be always good eventually." A weighted line drenched with wisdom. thank-you. I am nearing the end of heavy canning season THEN I will return to reading and visiting more blogs..SEE? there is always a new 'good' in every season:)yes, I mean that metaphorically as well.

    Back to canning my salsa:)


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