Friday, August 17, 2012

Midnight Marauder

Mystical midnight marauder
Creature of gossamer sway
You pluck from the sheaf of your nebulous robe
The morrow and make it today
While in this synchronized moment
Today slips into the dark
Donning yesterday’s garment
Yet snuffed like a drifting spark

Mystical midnight marauder
You never reverse your take
By replacing today with yesterday
So perhaps we could evade a mistake
Simultaneous taking and giving
Are rendered in a half-breath wink
Oh, mystical midnight marauder
You come and you leave in a blink

Tonight I stood at the window
Determined to glimpse a wee trace
Of this footloose and free-faring stranger
Of morrows and lost yesterdays
But try as I might to espy her
All that my strained eyes could see
Was the hint of somebody’s laughter
Tossing the willow tree

© Janet Martin

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