Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meek Obsessions

Oh God, awake in me today
A new and keen obsession
To serve you in the subtle sway
Of moments as they hasten

You seek, not glamorous success
Nor well-worded intention
But humble hearts of thankfulness
And meek, faithful submission

God, let my employment to you
Be more than long lip-measure
Teach me to seek the will of you
In love’s unfaltering treasure

The dust that shapes ephemeral skin
May form mortal assumption
But God, you know the heart within
Its passion and corruption

Oh God, awake in me today
A new and holy fire
To serve you in each smallest way
With reverent desire

© Janet Martin

Stirred by these words I read this morning...


  1. Very nice Janet!

    I've been busy the past week or so gathering wood for winter but I've tried to get to the blogosphere, especially here, every other day or so to at least read. I apologize for not commenting more frequently, your work so deserves it.

  2. TUG, I totally understand! Never apologize for not commenting. My life is much the same in the summer.

    Thank-you for reading.
    God bless~


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